Exness demo account

The Exness trading network has been leading in many world rankings for years. The given broker is an optimum and profitable variant for traders who conclude the significant transactions which begin from 3000 dollars. But if retail wants to conduct an ordinary client with less capital, Exness trading account is available for smaller amounts. The website is as loyal as possible, so the deposit starts from $1. You can find cheap positions and minimum market shares in the list of offers. 

Those investors who make deals for little money use a standard account. Experienced brokers call it a demo account, although users from the standard account have the same features as a professional account. A unique feature of trading on Exness is low spreads, which allows you to save on currency surges. All financial markets are available at minimum rates, so traders have no problem with the fees. 

This article will help beginners to start trading, starting with Exness demo account.

Exness demo account1


Exness new account 

The stable brokerage company provides its services in all countries of the world. The support service is available in 11 languages, two of which (English and Chinese) are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. High loyalty makes the trading platform an excellent alternative to most offline resources. Each user gets his personal account. To do this, you need to register. The Exness website needs this data:

  • Country of residence;

  • E-mail address;

  • Password. 

Not all countries have a broker working. For legal reasons, the exchange is suspended in some countries in Africa and Eastern Europe. Traders from these countries can not register, make trades and take over. However, electronic market news calendar and many other Exness information and functions are still available and completely free. The brokerage network is very developed, so its data will be useful to make a trade and start a brokerage career anywhere. 

The register of new users is continuously growing. Since 2019, the demo account is open to almost all of Asia. The most popular regions are China, Japan and Indonesia. The international broker provides local retail customers and offers to buy not only shares of large firms but also precious papers, funds and products of different types. An internal converter is available to clients on the website. It helps to quickly calculate the money and further profits from the purchased goods if the purchase and sale were made in different currencies. 


Exness demo account2


Secure Exness close account 

Many investors pay attention not to the quality of work or the list of services, but safety when choosing a suitable brokerage company. In the tradition of trading large transactions for massive amounts. Sometimes they reach 100 thousand dollars from the very beginning. Big money requires enhanced security so that all payments arrive on time, and the internal account is under constant supervision. The Exness security system is one of the best online. On the Internet, the main protection points are: 

  • Verification;

  • 128-bit key password from your account;

  • official deposit. 

All financial operations in broker company Exness are approved with conventional payment systems. After verification, it is possible to withdraw money only by several approved methods. To add another card or electronic wallet, the trader will have to verify the account again, even if the demo, not a professional one. Such security measures are necessary to ensure that trading is fair and that nothing interferes with clients. 

All security measures are displayed in the Personal Area. Here users will find all relevant information about their activity, will be able to change their password and analyze all previous trades. The Exness broker company has existed since 2008. It never deletes accounts so that traders can restore their activities anytime they want.