What types of accounts are available on Exness

Trading platform Exness has earned its trust for ten years of constant work and updates. The website is available all over the world. For now, it is not possible to register in some countries. But the broker network covers the most significant countries and continents with a vast number of investors. 

The Exness Classic account offers many different types of account maintenance. All clients make different types of transactions. Some of them are retail-oriented, while others are only interested in the Forex market. Each type of trading is unique, so the brokerage company offers to register four Exness kinds of accounts. Investors can choose the deposit that suits them by the number of spreads, fees and other parameters. 

Here you can find the information about the Classic account, Mini, ECN and CENT. 

What types of accounts are available1


Exness standard account and classic 

When a trader has just started an activity and does not earn money permanently, an elite account with improved conditions for depositing will not suit them. The policy of Exness broker allows to register with the minimum deposit (starts with 1 dollar). Classic and Mini-account have no minimal financial rate and are not subject to tax on small financial transactions. At the same time, users can access all the basic broker functionality. There is no need to buy anything additionally. 

So, here is Exness Mini account review: 

  • There is no minimum deposit;

  • Lots are equal to 0.0001;

  • Spreads floating;

  • MC% 60%;

  • Minimum spread on points 0.3;

  • There is no commission for the Lot. 

The main disadvantages of Exness Mini are the inaccessibility of the web terminal for withdrawal and the lack of Stop Out function. But the outgoing price for this account is so low that this type of deposit is the most popular. Compared to the Exness Classic account, where the minimum deposit starts from 2000 dollars, it is very profitable to use the mini-version. Other deposits are more suitable for professionals, as they provide more hedging and higher Margin Call level. 

CENT account: spread and STOP OUT 

Once the Forex market became a leader in online trading, the Exness broker offered a new type of deposit - is CENT. This account, in advanced users’ opinion, has many disadvantages. Although the amount of CENT account bonus is vast, the deposit itself is not profitable. In essence, there are more than 50 instruments disabled, and there is no significant hedging on trade. The lack of real support for traders at all stages has dramatically lowered the CENT rating. But if the client is interested only in Forex area, there is no better option than this type. 

What types of accounts are available2


Exness ECN account review 

The most advantageous, convenient and developed financial system on Exness — is ECN. This deposit is the leader of all ratings. Most professionals first register with a CENT account and then transfer it to a more elite ECN account. ECN leverage accepts significant loans. The minimum deposit starts at $300. On average, at high-level trading, all transactions start with the same amounts. ECN is focused on real trading, taking into account all risks and peculiarities of financial markets. 

Beginners should know about features of Exness ECN, which cause additional money spending:

  • The minimum order is 0.1%;

  • Lack of minimum spread;

  • Commission for one lot in 2.5. 

ECN is suitable for all types of transactions. Most often, users bet on retail, funds and Forex market. Since the deposit type has a lot of instruments (128 different technical characteristics), traders not only make deals. They also use unique analytics systems, have access to private US news channels and can use automatic professional assistants to improve the quality of work.